Fullerton Climate-Controlled Storage

Your possessions are valuable, so it’s important to keep them protected from changes in the weather. My Self Storage Space’s climate-controlled storage units in Fullerton, CA, will help you do exactly that. Offering a consistent temperature that helps prevent damage like warping, mildew, and mold, our specially designed climate-controlled storage units are perfect for photos, electronics, clothing, and more.

Long-Term Storage Solutions

While our entire storage facility is clean and conveniently located, our climate-controlled units provide additional peace of mind for the important belongings you need to store for an extended period of time. Business documents, files, and pieces of art are all susceptible to fluctuations in temperature. Our climate-controlled units offer an advanced ventilation system as well as constant temperature control. When it comes to storing your valuables, don’t take shortcuts.

Contact our knowledgeable professional managers today to inquire about our options for climate-controlled storage.