Auto, boat, and RV storage at My Self Storage Space in Camarillo, California

RV, Boat & Auto Storage Camarillo, CA

Finding a place to store your RV or boat for the offseason is key to preserving it for years to come. Our RV storage at My Self Storage Space is the most convenient solution in Camarillo, CA. Gone are the days of your RV taking up precious space in your driveway or yard and sitting exposed to the elements for weeks, possibly months, between adventures. Boat and RV storage is an affordable way to free up space in your home and keep your toys in top shape. Our RV tenants also enjoy:

Free Dump Station for RV Storage

Convenient Wash Station

Preserve Your Boat

Our uncovered boat storage is the perfect way to store your boat when it’s not out on the water, preventing possible corrosion from saltwater and saving you the expensive cost of mooring when you know your boat will not be seeing much use. Located just a few miles from the coast, My Self Storage Space is a convenient stop on the way back from all your water adventures.

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